We aim to help new muslims in finding their own way of living and stay on track.

You'll find something for you here no matter what level, age, gender or background.

What happens to a New Muslim?

A new revert typically faces challenges from his family and close community that pushes him away from Islam in many cases.

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Despite the big Daawa [Inviting/Teaching about islam] efforts happening in many locations across the map every week which resulted in so many new muslims by the grace of Allah.

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Yet sometimes they face challenges and are not able to stay on track. So we aim to be there to fill the gap, we are always available to help and offer support.

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What do we do?

We offer new muslims a ‘Buddy‘ or a close friend who guides him through his journey from day one.

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The ‘Buddy‘ helps them strengthen their Faith, understand the basics of Islam, engage to the Masjid and community; besides handling their own personal challenges from all aspects. We give free workshops, tutorial, guides and more!

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